founding homies

Mike Martinez

Steve Adler

Cindy Flint

Monica Maldonado Williams

Jimmy Flannigan

Brian McGiverin

Mando Rayo

Mike Lewis

Mike Blizzard

Lisa Nowotny

Grover Bynum

Paul Quinzi

Rebecca Webber

Jeremiah Bentley

Mykle Tomlinson

Jason Stanford

Sarah Clark & Karen Duke

Rebecca Bernhardt

Caitlin Brown

Dyana Limon-Mercado

Mike Clark-Madison

Delia Garza

Jim Wick

Beau Armstrong

Chas Moore

Celia Israel

John Riedie

Ed Espinoza

Julio Gonzalez

Denise Hernandez

Jay Crossley

Daniel Godwin

founding homies do not get special coverage, nor do we agree on every subject. but they appreciate what i’m doing and want to keep it going + vouch for me with their name. as a thank you for their kindness, founding homies get:

lifetime VIP status

every rant, plus special editions

neenz’s undying loyalty

become a founding homie

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